Farmers' Markt at Buerkliplatz in Zurich


The days spent at the pools seem to have definitely come to an end. Autumn came rather fast this year, usually, around mid of September it's still warm enough to swim in Zurich. Maybe not every day but in the past 7 years that I've been living here I recall swimming even into October. Anyway, this year is different and with that the autumn coziness at home as set in earlier. Finally I find more time to cook and bake as I live through the seasons... things I don't do much when I can spend my time outdoors and in the lakes that surround us. 
I find myself enjoying this meditative activity and I also get to visit places other than the lake again. 

Last week, I've finally been at the biweekly farmer's market in the center of Zürich, not far from the lake.
It's set under a roof of chestnut trees and around a pergola, only a stone's throw away from Bahnhofstrasse, the busiest and most prestigious street in Zurich.
The autumn colours really got into me this morning. A vast palette of autumn hues were to be found in all sorts of fruits and veggies, flowers and twigs. 




If you're looking for quality local produce, it's a great stop to keep in mind for tuesday and friday mornings. Most stalls are run by families. The market hours are rather short, at 11am on the dot, you'd rather put some lovely things in your basket because the observance of the market hours is very strict ;-) 
There's a kiosk close by that has food and coffee and longer opening hours. 
See here for the official information on the website of Zurich markets



Here I got some more pictures from the savoury section, I do love a good Italian salami, parmesan, olives and lard and those kind of things! That's definitely the italian blood that runs through my body craving for all things from the charcuterie bench! I mean, just look at those colours. Yumminess all in one place! 

A stall that you wouldn't probably expect is a true german institution and I'm very happy to see him there. I'm talking about the King of Gherkins, or even cuter in german known as the "Gurkenkönig" He sells the typical gherkins like originally produced in the east german Spreewald area and has a variety of spiced gherkins in wooden barrels. He also sells fresh Sauerkraut, I just love it so much when I get my hands on it because it's so much different from the canned options from the store. If you happen to be at the market please stop and say hello and expect a friendly chat in a german dialect pointing at the eastern parts rather than the commons swiss german ;-)
That's him and his gherkins selling to an Instagram friend, Alma, she was such a good market partner in crime that morning !


Here are some more market impressions for you. I highly suggest and go on a tuesday or friday morning and just soak in the friendly atmosphere right by the end of Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich and fill your bags and baskets with flowers, fruit, herbs, vegetables, bread, cold cuts, fresh fish and stop for a lovely cup of coffee time permitting.